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Q Biomedical Search is a privately held executive and technical recruiting firm founded in 1992 with a total of 25 years experience serving the medical device community. We are a valuable resource representing both the client and the employer in search of exciting career opportunities or in search of that perfect fit within your product development team. In the competitive and changing job market of the "new" millennium, we are an invaluable resource on-line or a phone call away. Q Biomedical Search resources are dependable and located all across the country and world. Our current and past clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as venture capital funded start-up organizations with substantial salary and equity packages for the ideal candidates.

Q Biomedical Search is devoted to complete confidentiality throughout all phases of the search process. Our secure candidate database includes over 1500 active job searchers with an archive in excess of 10,000 candidates. Whether you are a candidate searching for the ideal opportunity or an employer searching for the most qualified candidate, Q Biomedical Search guarantees that the search is kept in strict confidence. You will receive personalized attention during your job search from one of our specialized recruiting consultants. Our specialty ranges from, engineering, marketing, sales, project management, manufacturing, clinical, regulatory affairs, and senior executives.

Technology advancement in minimally invasive patient care continues to explode in the biomedical device industry. We need aggressive individuals willing to take a risk with a belief in their abilities to solve problems and improve the ultimate patient care through innovative device, instrument, and implant solutions.

Q Biomedical Search has consistently been ranked as one of the top Medical Device recruitment firms.

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